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Mercier Wood Flooring

Mercier Wood Flooring offers the new Mercier Generations finish. It will keep its luster for years to come and offers greater resistance to total wear of the finish. Deterioration of the surface luster of your floor is the first sign of wear in the finish protecting the wood. Finish wear shows as dull or shiny patches in high traffic areas.
The Mercier Generations finish is so resistant that it even stands up to vigorous, repeated rubbing with steel wool, with no deterioration of its luster. Each rub with an abrasive as damaging as steel wool is equivalent to many thousands of footsteps on the floor surface.

The industry-approved method for testing the resistance of finishes to total wear is the Taber abrasion test. Mercier Generations beats all competitors in the Taber test.

Contact Info:
Mercier Wood Flooring Inc.

330 rue des Entrepreneurs
Montmagny, Quebec
G5V 4T1  Canada 

Phone: 418-248-1785
Fax: 418-248-9126

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