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Mazama Hardwood Flooring

Mazama presents line after line of superbly cut and finished hardwood flooring, which is quite exotic and noted for hardness, and loved for its lovely look. Mazama floors are respected for milling and craftsmanship. Commonly manufactured as 3/4' think plans or strips. Depending on the machinery configuration, all flooring that is between 17mm and 19.2 mm is considered to be classified as 3/4' thick.

Enhanced by 8 (yes eight!) coats of Treffert aluminum oxide, each hardwood flooring plan has an extra level of durability. The fine grain patterns and naturally lush colors on every board reflect the beauty of every hardwood plank. Mazama makes it simple to see why these hardwood flooring selections are rising in popularity in all settings. Smooth designs of the collections deliver a level of beauty and design that is very noticeable.

Mazama Hardwood Flooring Reviews

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