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It is important to protect your 'solid' investment. Solid hardwood floors require little care to give a lifetime of value. Well-tended surfaces will need just a light touch to maintain.

Place floor mats at entrances to rooms. They will trap dirt, grit and sand that could act like sandpaper and cause scratches and dents.
Wipe up all spills when they happen, not later. If water stands on the wood for any length of time it can warp and can also damage the finish.
Furniture should be lifted when moved - not dragged over the floor. The use of felt contacts under the legs of furniture will help prevent scratches.
Sheer drapes on windows can protect the floor from the direct sunlight which can discolor the hardwood floor with intense UV rays. Closing curtains and blinds will also help prevent sun damage.
Hardwood Floors can be refinished, restored, and/or screened and buffed.

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